Our 5-Step Process

Your path has led to divorce… what happens now?

5 Steps to an Equitable Divorce


A 30-minute Initial Conversation

A 30-minute initial conversation to identify where you are in the divorce process and listen to your immediate questions and concerns.


Data Gathering

Provide a list of suggested documents and information to gather in advance of our initial meeting to ensure our time together is most productive.


Initial Divorce Planning Meeting

A meeting to develop goals and objectives, review gathered documentation, and identify outstanding information.


Comprehensive Analysis

Organize financial information, prepare a household budget and marital net worth statement, and/or complete thorough, accurate financial affidavits.


Findings, Options, and Ongoing Support

Present reports illustrating the short-term and long-term financial impacts of settlement proposals. Analyze the tax implications and provide continued support until the settlement terms are finalized. 

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

What is a CDFA®?

A CDFA® professional has extensive training in the financial aspects surrounding divorce. As a support member of the divorce team, a CDFA® professional:

  • Gathers financial information and prepares financial affidavits
  • Evaluates the short and long term impacts of property division
  • Considers the tax implications of settlement proposals
  • Analyzes retirement or pension plans
  • Identifies the financially optimal approach to handling the marital home
  • Evaluates insurance needs
  • Provides legal counsel with the financial reports and data to advocate for financial independence

Compare your options and see the added value!

Save money by using Atlanta Divorce Planning to guide you through the financial complexity of divorce.

Atlanta Divorce Planning
Document Preparation and Filing
Document Preparation
Legal Information
Confidential and Private
Assisted Settlement Negotiation
Communication Support
Avoid Courtroom
Preserves the Family
Creative Financial Guidance
Advanced Tax Planning
Proper Valuation of Assets
20 Year Financial Plan for Both Parties
Expertise in Complex Financial Situations
Forensic Expertise
Average Price
$5,000 - $10,000
$7,000 - $15,000
Starting at $2,000
Save Time and Money, Make Sound Decisions, Avoid Long-Term Pitfalls

Transparent, Hourly Pricing

At Atlanta Divorce Planning, we will help you avoid long term pitfalls and professionally guide you to the best financial outcome during divorce. We will help you save time and money by developing the financial framework necessary to negotiate for what you need and evaluate the quality of settlement proposals with the short and long term ramifications in mind.

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary conversation to identify where you are in the divorce process. Get answers to your immediate questions and concerns.

Divorce financial planning engagements starting at $150 / hour.